Hey Jealousy


If being green with envy is a realistic possibility, I’m walking around Charleston, Illinois a shade of deep, dark forrest green. Ever since I was little, my family has liked to travel. Not vacation, travel. From Sedona, Arizona to Rome, Italy. I now have this travel bug that will never fully be satisfied. If that weren’t problem enough, it seems everyone I know is currently studying abroad, creating jealousy I never thought imaginable. I read their blogs daily, attempting to live vicariously through their lives.

We have, Andrew in Nairobi, Africa who wakes up to baboons out his window and rhinos in the African sunrise. Alex in London, taking in every opportunity possible and living in the world of Harry Potter. My cousin Riley who just turned 18 and is spending his senior year in Germany. Katie, who is hanging out in Switzerland with hipsters and playing in the mountains. Kerry who celebrated her 21st birthday in Ireland a couple weeks ago. Cynthia who has just recently landed in Granada. Colleen who is galavanting across Madrid with her stuffed dog. Shivani who was brave enough to study for a year in Barcelona. Rachel who just came back from Africa and Jillian who is loving Milan, and so many more people. Its insane! (ps. all links to their blogs are on the right, check them out)

With all of my friends traveling across the globe, it makes me that much more excited to be in Prague, Czech Republic next fall and to begin my travels. What a lucky girl I am.

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