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Grand Canyon

Sometimes I need to take a step back and realize how lucky I am. My mom, often referred to as Elle Belle, has given my brother, sister and I some great traveling opportunities in our lives. My first plane ride was when I was 8 years old and we flew to Sedona, Arizona to visit family. This trip led me to my first layover experience (in Las Vegas), my first electric fence experience, and first visit to a world wonder, the Grand Canyon.

Tower Bridge

Since then, traveling has been a Braun family favorite past-time. When I was 10, our family jet-set to London, England and Paris, France over spring break to visit my mom’s college roommates, which was our family’s first time out of the country. It was mind-blowing realizing that there was so much more to the world than the United States.

In 8th grade, I went to Metamoros, Mexico on a mission trip with Geneva Lutheran Church and learned how grateful I should be for all I have in my life. Freshman year, my aunt, uncle, cousin and I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise which sailed us to the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Mexico and Haiti. Not only was this my first cruise, but it was also my first solo trip without my family.

New York City

In high school, my mom, sister and I decided to start taking little mini-vacations over the week-long Thanksgiving breaks, one to New York City, New York and one to Washington D.C., our nation’s capital. Both experiences were eye-opening from the lights in NYC to the history of D.C. Those were two of my favorite quick trips.

Colosseum with Brother, Red Head and Sister

Most recently, my brother, my sister’s boyfriend and I went to Rome, Italy to visit my sister while she was studying abroad. We went for 10 days and it was amazing, for lack of a better word. The four of us had so much fun together traveling around Rome, sight-seeing, eating the most delicious pizza and stuffing our faces with gelato. At the end of the week we made a quick trip to Cinqueterra for some hiking, which was quite the experience.

Disney World

Overall, I am an insanely lucky girl and should be counting my blessings instead of whining about all my friends studying abroad. They are having a blast, but I should just keep thinking of all the experiences I have been lucky enough to have and all of the opportunities lying ahead. Cheers to positivity! 209 days until Prague. In recent news, I also will be traveling to Disney World in 6 days for my best friends 21st birthday. Whoo!

Also, I will update with actual pictures when I figure out how to work my scanner… technical difficulty.

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    liss piss
    February 3, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    yay! red head made the blog. gotta love him.
    can’t wait to take tons of pics when we’re in europe again together.

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