Castles, Castles, Castles


Oh man, my apologies. I need to start getting better about blogging more often. It’s funny how time seems to slip through your fingers. Anyway, I’m a little homesick this week here at Eastern and find myself daydreaming of traveling afar next semester more and more frequently. But for now, I’m here in the land of Charleston, awaiting my mom’s arrival next weekend, whoop! Even though Charleston isn’t the greatest of towns, it still has a lot to offer through its unique architecture of the college buildings, one of my favorites being Old Main.

The castle here houses some main offices as well as the math department, which my roommate is oddly fond of. Rumor has it that each of the Illinois state schools have a castle and if you put them together, they fit to make one giant castle. There are supposedly doors and stairwells that do not lead to anything, because it should connect to the next castle. Awesome.

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit a different kind of castle down in Orlando at Disney World. I know everyone is probably sick of hearing about Disney World, but it just boggles my mind how someone can just create something so huge out of nothing. I wouldn’t mind spending a night in there and waiting for Prince Charming to come, if it didn’t cost the rumored thousands of dollars per night…

Now that is royalty! Although these castles are all amazing, I can’t wait to see the Prague Castle in the Czech Republic. This castle is the largest castle in the world and takes up over 18 acres of land! Dating back to the year 880, this castle housed the Church of the Virgin Mary, St. George’s Convent, basilicas, cathedrals and more. In the 14th century, the castle was transformed into a living place for Charles IV.

It wasn’t until 1989 that sections of the castle were open to the public including the Royal Garden, the Imperial Stables and Ballgame Hall. Today, the President of the Czech Republic lives there and it contains many historical documents, crown jewels and other historical articles. I can. not. wait. to. see. this.

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