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Reading my friends’ blogs from abroad over the past few months has my anticipation for Prague at an all-time high. Although I’m excited to see the magnificent architecture and hear the various languages and accents, there’s one thing that I am dying to experience: the food!

As a picky-eater, college has been a great experience for me. I’ve been forced outside of my comfort zone and have eaten some bizarre combination of foods (nutella and popcorn) and tried some interestingly named entrees (chicken fried chicken?). I’ve even found myself eating asparagus and cauliflower… and liked it. It’s like I’m a whole new person!

This new kick has got me wanting to try more, what better place to do that than Europe? My friend Alex just returned to the States from London and had some amazing food experiences while traveling. There’s a certain elegance about the food and drink in Europe that you just don’t seem to find in America, even the coffee is a work of art. Amazing. Not to mention Alex’s entries about the brats in Berlin and cacio e pepe in Rome had me practically drooling. I mean, look at this thing!

Although I won’t be posted in Berlin, hopefully I’ll get to try one of those bad boys someday soon. Until then, I’ll probably spend all my free time reading these two blogs I just found, Czech Please and Eat Drink Prague. Czech Please takes a deeper look into restaurants, posting pictures of the interior as well as the food, making it a visual must. And Eat Drink Prague, explores restaurants, rating the food, drink, service and atmosphere on a 4-point scale. Looks like I’ll be keeping these two on my “favorites” for the next few months!

Countdown until take-off: 121 days (approximately)

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