Gotcha again!


Okay, I apologize… yet again. You would think sitting down at a computer and writing about your life on a regular basis wouldn’t be that difficult. Apparently, I have made it so. So again, after a few weeks of disappearing, I am back to update you on all sorts of shenanigans.

First off, if you ever have a chance to visit the Shedd Aquarium… do it! It is by far the greatest place I have ever worked. The environment is awesome, the people are fantastic and the view is insane. I’ve been a part of some amazing opportunities and am so grateful for the experiences I am having there… and they just keep on coming! I’m so sad that I’m halfway through my internship, because it means I am getting closer and closer to leaving. But hey, At least I’m leaving to go to Prague, no complaints there!

Anyway, last week at Shedd, I was able to be a part of Chicago Navy Week. This week honors our loyal Navy personnel and celebrates all of their hard work and dedication to our country, awesome. This year, Shedd hosted a large group of Navy SEALS and they dove into the Caribbean Reef exhibit, which normally happens 4 times daily. The coolest part about this was the Shedd has a system hooked up where you can hear the divers speaking from underwater, so guests are able to ask questions and get answers while they are underwater. The guests loved it, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Navy SEALS and listening to them answer endless questions.

Another highlight was getting to work with Frank Mathie from ABC 7 here in Chicago. He was so generous, had a great personality and a great journalistic viewpoint. You can see his coverage here on all the happenings that day. I even had a quick cameo at the end clapping as the men sang “Anchors Away”. Chalk that up as a success!

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    Linda Van Horn
    September 6, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    Hi Jillian
    What a terrific blog writer you are!
    Sorry I am a little late in joinging in, but finally had
    a chance to look and see all the fantastic stuff you are doing! So glad you are (mostly) enjoying it all…sorry about the illness and nosebleeds though…the altitude is not THAT high?! Although if I remember correctly, hora is mountain…so maybe you were actually elevated…and not yet accustomed to it! Anyway thinkinng of you and hoping you have a wonerful and memorable adventure!
    Much love

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