Love Hate Relationship


Prague and I have a love-hate relationship. I love Prague, Prague hates me.

1. Jsem nemocný. (I’m sick) This happens almost every time I fly, so I probably should have caught on by now but I have a stuffy nose and sore throat and am sneezing like a crazy woman. Thank you cold & flu drugs, you work wonders.

2. Czech people don’t like us. Minus us all being gawked at by the Czechs on the tram the other day, the roommates and I almost got into a girl-fight at a bar the other day. We were going to the bathroom minding our own business and a girl kicks down the door, storms in and goes in a thick accent, “I vould just like to say. F– you. Yous are all dirty prostitutes!”. Still not sure where that came from or why she knew those words in English so that was quite interesting…

3. Bloody noses. I’ve gotten about a billion bloody noses since being here. And by a billion I mean three… but still. It’s been less than a week and my big ole nose just won’t stop getting gushers. Woof.

4. Night life. I am all for going out an having a good time, but these Czechs are crazy. They will literally party until 7 o’clock in the morning and I will never be able to hang like a true Czech. We’ve been pretty close but I could not do that as frequently as they do. Most of the times people go out after work and it will be 3am and they are in their work clothes still… I just don’t understand.

5. Appliances. We’ve had some interesting encounters with the appliances here. Our dishwasher started spouting bubbles from out the bottom. The hair dryer ate my hair. Our washing machine turned our towels stiff as a board and it took us forever to realize our fridge and freezer are in the cabinets. I think we’re starting to get a hang of it, but it was an interesting first week trying to figure out all the changes.

All in all, it has been a crazy week and there are some adjustments to be made but I am loving every minute of it. I push through the illness, keep taking advantage of all the opportunities that come my way and am open to meeting new people and seeing new places.

Na zdraví
! (Cheers!)

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