Tomorrow, tomorrow – you’re only a day away



Tomorrow is the big day – Departing Chicago tomorrow around 8pm and with a quick layover in London, I’ll be in Prague by 4pm on Friday. It will be a long flight, but totally worth it! Packing was a big pain and I’m hoping I didn’t forget anything… but even if I did it definitely would put me over the weight limit. Yikes.

Any last minute suggestions for travel or places to visit… send them my way! I will probably be wired until I leave, I don’t think I could even sleep if I tried. An adventure of a lifetime awaits, as do long-lost relatives and an ancient city. I could not be more excited.

Hopefully when I’m abroad I’ll be way more consistent with this bad boy. Sorry folks, I’ll try harder! Until then, a big shout out to all my friends, family and Kappa Deltas – I will miss you all and will be home on December 10th. Find this chick on Skype. Or else.

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