Heart of Europe


I made it to Prague!

My journey started out in Chicago where I left from O’Hare airport around 8pm and flew to London Heathrow with quick layover and then headed to Prague, arriving around 2:30pm Prague time. Phew! The flights were not bad at all minus my inability to sleep on planes and the meal which was less than mediocre. What can you do?

But no more complaints… I’m in the Heart of Europe, the Land of 100 Churches, Praha, etc. Day one was a great success. After being shown to our apartment, we did some quick unpacking, met all of the roommates and decided to meet a large group from the program for a night on the town.

The nightlife here (so far) is pretty casual and people seem pretty accommodating to the “loud Americans” which is always nice. Things will get easier once we begin our language courses on Monday too. Today was a rough morning between the jet lag, the temperature change (85F yesterday 55F today) and the love from Pilsner last night, we were not wanting to go to orientation. But! I’m glad we did because we learned a lot and got to see a good chunk of the city which was an added bonus.

There are trams here, which is essentially a trolley that we have taken everywhere. They rush down the middle of the street and seem like the fastest way to get to anywhere you need to go. Experiences on them have been pleasant with the exception of this crazy old Czech lady today who did not enjoy our presence in the slightest. This was shown by her yelling and smacking her mouth – we’re assuming that means we were being too loud. And when she got off she (in Czech) said, “Everyone from America is so stupid!” one of our directors started to laugh and then told us what she said. Sorry!

This is getting lengthy though and our internet is starting to be sketchy… we’ve been stealing the neighbor’s wireless and I think they’re catching on. We’re hoping to get our own on Monday, yay! See you then blogosphere.

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    August 27, 2011 at 10:53 am

    yay sister! so glad you’re alive and well. let’s chat soon once you’re settled in a bit more. i keep going to text you but….no dice. love you hard.

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