Mindless Wanderings


After Czech class the other day, our teacher led us to a little market near Old Town Square. It had thousands of souvenirs to choose from and beautiful ripe fruit and vegetables to pick. I also made a mental note that I need to purchase a print of Prague before returning to the states. That, and a stein.

My roommate Chelsea, our friend Jill and I then decided to venture around the city for the afternoon and make some tourist pit stops. We began in Old Town Square and hit up the Astronomical Clock, which I have yet to see on the hour – we missed it by two minutes. Grr!

We then wandered over to the Charles Bridge and since we couldn’t remember which statue to rub for good luck or your wish you come true – we decided to touch almost every statue. Fingers crossed! The bridge was chuck-full of tourists, street performers and vendors and commuters.

Veering off the bridge, we ended up in a park and a modern art museum, which we are hoping to go back to when we have more time. We didn’t have time to stop because we wanted to get to the John Lennon Wall before sunset. We found it! It is a giant wall of Lennon-related (mostly) graffiti and it was beautiful. Just goes to show that art isn’t just something found in a museum. I’m sure we will have many more trips down there in the coming months.

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