Prague Castle


 On Monday our group started our intensive Czech course where we have been learning all about the language. We are now able to hold small talk, order food at restaurants, count to 100 and more. As part of the course, they have a bunch of activities built in. On Wednesday, they gave us a tour of the castle grounds and it was really interesting. I didn’t realize that the “Prague Castle” wasn’t just a castle itself, but the whole grounds.

We began at the top at the monastery and worked our way down. The views were absolutely amazing (they always are!) and it was great to learn the history behind many of the places. We then were lead to the castle gates, which were guarded by Czech army. These guards are similar to the ones in London most people are familiar with. They stand there for their shift and are not allowed to move and protect the grounds. Changing of the guard ceremonies occur throughout the day beginning at 6am. We were fortunate enough to see a changing of the guard at the bottom of the castle grounds later in the day.

As we continued forward we saw St. Vitus Cathedral, which is one of the most beautiful churches, I have seen in the entire world. It was absolutely huge and had so much detail I was in awe through the entire trip. I took a million pictures and could have taken a million more. I think I might still be in awe of the height of the ceilings and the details on everything from the chandeliers to the stained glass to the church pews. I’m in love. How come good ole Geneva Lutheran doesn’t look like this?

After I had to finally be yanked from the church, we walked down to a vineyard, which again was gorgeous. The rows of vines lined the hillside and gave us an amazing view of the city. I just can’t get enough. Overall, a very successful trip and I can’t wait to take my family there when they get here next month!

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