Krakow, Poland


You’ll all have to bear with these sporadic blog posts due to our flaky internet connection – my apologies!

Two weekends ago, Chelsea, Anya, Julia and myself headed to Krakow, Poland very last minute. We booked train tickets the day before we left and decided to make a weekend out of it. And boy, I am glad that we did!

Krakow is by far the most entertaining city I have been to in Europe. Everyone there is a performer. There were fire-breathers, flame-throwers, break dancers, vocalists, human statues, flower markets, flea markets, shopping markets, horse-drawn carriages, you name it. Not to mention this was all in the Main Market Square, which also happened to be the location of our hostel. It. was. amazing.

On top of that, Poland had my favorite foods. The meat was delicious and had so many different flavors and such. Perogies were a must and are a traditional Polish dish. My favorite were the fried perogies. Mind-blowing! The first night, we all headed to this hilarious restaurant that was covered in antiques and looked like a great-great-great-grandmother had decorated it. Piano man included! We loved it and the food was to die for…

You better believe I ate that whole dang thing. One chicken, one beef, one pork and lots of fruit. Not to mention the potatoes. Oh my gosh, the potatoes. Herb infused potatoes covered with a creamy garlic sauce. It was the happiest I think I may have ever been while eating a meal. I could eat this for eternity. Just thinking about it is making me drool a little bit.

Since we had such a great experience with a Free Walking Tour in Budapest, we figured we should try again in Krakow. We headed around the city and saw some (not surprisingly) amazing basilicas, castle grounds, pieces of art and sculpture and learned a little Polish history along the way.

One of my all-time favorite places had to be the Wawel Cathedral. I’m starting to see a trend of my favorite places – they are always the amazingly ornate and extremely elegant churches, basilicas or cathedrals. They are just so fascinating. Wawel Cathedral was especially enticing because it had almost every architectural style you could imagine since bishops were allowed to create their own chapel area. There is baroque, Romanesque, medieval, gothic – everything!

Basically, Krakow was amazing. It was so high-energy and our hostel was so accommodating, I absolutely loved it. Although there is still the rest of the world to conquer, I wouldn’t mind going back to Krakow one day…


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    September 27, 2011 at 10:20 am

    you’ve become a person who takes pictures of their food before eating it. welcome to study abroad!

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