NY Rangers v. CZE Sparta


Coming to Europe I knew I definitely wanted to experience some sort of sports game. Coming to Prague, I knew I wanted it to be a hockey game.

Not only were a group of us able to see a Czech team play, we also got to see a USA team on the ice. This game was part of the NHL Premiere Challenge and the New York Rangers were in Prague for the game. It was so bizarre seeing Rangers jerseys roaming the streets of Praha!

Similar to the US of A, the Sparta team had a crowd-pleasing pump-up beginning which included men dressed like Spartans in the movie 300 and fire rings going off around the rink. Awesome. Unlike the U.S. though, the rink was actually much larger – an additional 15 feet wide, and the seats did not go up to the glass (because some of them were only half sheets of glass). The bigger rink meant less hits and fights and more skating, which was both a plus and minus at the same time. Who doesn’t love a good hockey fight?

We had some great seats and were also situated next to what seemed to be a million kids and Sparta fans all decked out in jerseys. They were hilarious and kept yelling, “Give us a goal! Give us a goal” but in Czech, of course. Their energy was contagious, and I found myself cheering along. Go Sparta!

I also snagged one of those flags from the Sparta lady who was handing them out. Free souvenirs – Score! Better believe that bad boy is hanging in my room. Unfortunately, Sparta lost to the Rangers 0-2,  but it was still a great success for me. Although, part of me can’t wait to be in Chicago and rockin’ my authentic Toews jersey.

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