Dingle Dangle


While we did our “research” on Ireland, a.k.a looked at our free guide books as we drove, we kept seeing this little town of Dingle highlighted on the maps and always accompanied with a picture of a dolphin. Figuring this must be the greatest place on all the Earth complete with a dolphin-filled seaside – we headed to the town of Dingle.

Dingle was adorable. The streets twisted and turned and were complete with stores, pubs, markets, restaurants and souvenir shops, all painted different colors. We wove in and out of the shops and ended up talking to a local lady for a bit who gave us the low-down on all Dingle had to offer:

“We have one dolphin in our bay, but you have to take a boat to see him. His name is Fungie and he was here with his mate and when his mate died, he never left. He is about 28 years old and just hangs out here. Other than that, there is not much to see. But the seafood is great!”

Since the day was already half gone and it was already Friday (trip ending Sunday), we decided to forgo the boat ride to see Fungie and opted for some seafood instead. Growing up in the Midwest, without access to fresh ocean fish, I am not a huge fish eater and was hesitant to order anything super fishy. However, my spontaneous side said, “forget it” and ordered a seafood chowder pie.

Oh. my. word.

This thing was one of the most delicious things I have had in all of my life. It was a seafood chowder (obviously) complete with salmon, calamari, shrimp, oysters and more and then topped with mashed potatoes and then had cheese baked over the top of it. I could have died right then and there and died happy, it was just that delicious. But, luckily I didn’t and I lived to see another day (and delicious meal) in Ireland. Phew!

Although we were spending less times in the towns south of Galway, I found that I enjoyed them more than the other small towns we had come across earlier in the trip. They just seemed to have more personality and were also much more colorful, which was a fun environment to be in. As usual though, it was getting to be late in the afternoon and we had another destination for the day, so we packed up for our last traveling night on our road trip. Off to Cork!

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