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Over the course of the week, everything had gone so smooth – we got our car with no problems, traffic was non-existent, we were seeing all the sites, hung out with locals, saw live music everywhere, etc. With all this positive energy and good karma, something was bound to go wrong eventually. And it did. Twice.

When we visited Ronan in Limerick, we parked our car in a full parking lot around 10pm and everyone said there would be no problem picking it up in the morning. Perfect plan. However… when we got to the parking lot in the morning, it was blocked off by security guards and we had to do some pleading to get us into the parking lot. We circled around the parking lot and Ronan goes ever so calmly, “Oh look! They are taking your car”.

We arrived to find our car with hitches on each tire, attached to a giant crane and being lifted off the ground. Real life. We begged and begged and begged the men to put our car back down and had to explain to them that it was also our home for the week. Ha! I think they felt sorry for the poor Americans, so they put our car back on the ground and told us to get out of there as soon as possible. Deal! We were out of there before he could even finish his sentence.

Upon leaving the parking lot, we noticed a lovely little note on our windshield from the campus security. Funny how they didn’t put the note there until after 10pm? Yikes. Oh well, we were very, very lucky and decided it was time to leave Limerick.

Once we booked it out of Limerick, we headed to Dingle and then worked our way to Cork for the last day of our trip. However, once we got to Cork, there was bumper to bumper traffic and we weren’t going anywhere. Funnily enough, we wouldn’t be going anywhere anyways because we looked up and there was a cloud of smoke coming from the hood of our car. We had overheated.

With no coolant or car essentials in sight, we used maps to fan away the smoke, a t-shirt as a towel and our water bottles as coolant. Creativity at it’s finest. Despite our efforts, the car would not make it a couple feet without over heating and blowing smoke everywhere, so we hung out on the side of the highway until the car cooled down.

Kyle was getting super frustrated, since he was the only one with any clue of what to do, and Danielle and I kept bursting out in fits of nervous giggles. We didn’t know whether we should be freaking out or cracking up. The two of us looked in the trunk for some things to fix the car and a chunk of the ceiling fell off. Literally. A big hunk of it. Luckily we were able to just re-attach it but oh my word. Things were going downhill quickly.

A little while later, we had enough water in our car to make it to the city center and park our car. I got out to direct the parallel parking and realized our tail light was out. Figures! We decided something needed to be done. We called our car company and told them we were switching cars with their location in Cork and to have one ready for us in two hours. The three of us relaxed, grabbed a bite to eat, figured out a game plan and then headed to grab our new car.

When we got to the car place, the man came out to check out our little silver guy and goes, “Wow. They really jipped you here, didn’t they?” Well, at least we weren’t the only people who thought that. The man hooked us up with this little black beauty, a Nissan Micra for the remainder of our trip. All of us were absolutely exhausted from the travels and various stresses of the day so we decided to book a hotel for the night and crash early. Goodnight!


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    Donna Quinlan
    October 26, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    Hi Jillian! I so enjoyed catching up on all you wonderful travles ! Looks like you are having a wonderful time! I am so happy you had this chance to see all that you have and what you will continue to see! So proud of you! So sorry I have not done this sooner.. will keep closer tabs on your info! Enjoy your visitors! I wish I could be there to visit you! Looking forward to seeing you in Dec and hearing all the stories and seeeing the pictures!

    Love you!!! Aunt Donna

  • Reply
    Jillian Braun
    October 31, 2011 at 11:41 am

    Thanks Donna! I am having the time of my life, but I do miss home a lot. Can’t wait to see you all in December!

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