Regardless of all the various events over the course of the last 24 hours, we had a great night and morning in downtown Cork. Kyle even surprised us girls with a hotel room for the night which was just what we needed to end our spontaneous trip throughout Ireland.

The next morning we found this little cafe to grab some brunch and holy moley. It was so delicious. I probably sound repetitive because everything is, “soooo delicious” but seriously. This thing was the bomb dot com. Ireland isn’t the cheapest place disappear to for a week so when we saw the 10 euro deal including coffee, soup, sandwich and a chocolate pot, we knew we were in the right place.

In typical roommate fashion, Danielle and I ended getting the same thing and we could not get over how amazing everything looked and tasted. At every other restaurant we had been to, the soup and salad deal was ALWAYS blended vegetable soon and a ham and cheese sandwich. But! At this cafe we could pick any type of coffee, any type of sandy and any type of soup. Score! I opted for the Mocha, Chicken Pesto sandwich, French Onion soup combo. Life changing.

As the cherry on top of an awesome meal – and deal – we got to indulge in a chocolate pot. What is a chocolate pot one might ask? It is an espresso cup filled with rich chocolate mousse and is sickeningly sweet and oh-so yummy. Nothing could ruin my mood after eating that delicious little thing.

Not only did we have one of my favorite meals in Ireland, we got to color with crayons at the table like 4-year olds. It was the best. However, after lunch it was on the road again! There was one last tourist-y spot that we had not hit yet and were determined to see before returning back to Prague.

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