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One of my absolute favorite things to do in Prague is to just walk around and explore the city. Sometimes I get lost, other times I visit familiar places and sometimes I just let my mind wander and twist and turn through the streets. No matter what I end up doing, I always see something new or interesting that I haven’t seen before and I always end up feeling rejuvenated.

The other day on my afternoon adventure I found myself heading towards Old Town Square. I have been there dozens of times, but for some reason I felt like I should head there anyway. Sure enough, I got to the square and it was covered with stands selling ham, desserts, candies, potatoes, crafts, etc. I even indulged in some fried dough with cheese (delicious) and some savory roasted nuts.

Although the food was oh so yummy, it wasn’t the thing that I loved the most. I was more attracted to the fall garland draped across the stands, the aroma in the air and the live music bringing the streets to life. It was one of my favorite moments in Prague, just soaking up the environment. I just wish it were a few days earlier so my family could experience this part of Prague. Oh well, they will just have to come back!

It was so relaxing just walking around the square being surrounded by happy people (everyone’s happy when they eat street food) and having live music playing. This man in particular was my favorite, he really knew how to rock out on his clarinet. Reminded me of the marching band days at St. Charles East, ha!

Will ya look at that? Adorable. All of my favorite things in one place: food, shopping, the square and the clock. Picture perfect – minus that lady in the front. You win some, you lose some.

During my little adventure, I found out that the market was going to be there all week. Heck yes! Needless to say, our apartment made multiple visits and attacked many different foods this week. My favorite had to be the potato noodles, cabbage and ham plate I had just the other day. To die for. Now, I anxiously await the Christmas markets. I am going to do some damage there, I can already feel it.


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