Autumn Adventures


Last week, before the weather turned to below freezing, my roommates Danielle, Brittany and I headed to Prague’s aquarium to get our fill of sea-life. However, we got there and realized it was essentially a giant fish bowl and cost too much to get in, so it was time for plan B. Our “plan b” is always to just wander around until we find someplace to explore or a new restaurant to try. It’s a pretty foul-proof plan and it hasn’t let us down before so off we went!

The first thing we saw our our little adventure was Výstaviště, which essentially means exhibit hall. We were told by our teacher that it is/was used for displaying Art Nouveau work. However, it was closed when we were there so we continued on our merry way.

As we walked on, we came across a park, which we later found out is called Letna and is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not sure exactly which part of the park, or what its proper name is, but there is also a carnival there which looks like a good time. I managed to snap that picture above, which is one of my favorites. Sigh, I love fall. We opted out of the rides and continued on our walk around the twisted paths and beneath the falling leaves. Heavenly.

In the middle of the park was this pond/lake surrounded by wooden benches, stone ledges and slick docks to sit on while ducks and swans swam around. On top of all of that, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and we were able to wear just t-shirts (for the last time in Prague), it was the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to fall and wearily welcome winter.

All in all, the sporadic adventure was a great success and plan b worked yet again. We ended up walking around the park for a few hours until it began to get dark and the temperature sank back to chilly. Hopefully I will be able to see the park covered in snow before I venture back to the states because I bet it is amazing. My favorite part of the park were the leaves and the changing trees, so I leave you with some of my favorite pictures…



This is why fall is, and will always be, my favorite season. Keep up the great work autumn and I will see you next year.


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