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Day two was a day packed to the absolute brim with touristy activities I had wanted to check off the list. Due to money and time constraints, I kept it pretty simple and ended up not going inside any museums or big tourist sites. Plus, I had been lucky enough to see them ten years ago so I figured seeing them would suffice. I also was clearing some time to hit up all the markets the next day. Due to my laziness at the moment and my anxiety for our ISA Thanksgiving dinner, this will be more of a photo-journal of my day… Enjoy!

Up first: Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. I’m sorry to report that Prince Harry was not in the building, for if he was, we would currently be engaged.

Next stop on the self-guided tour: Bird Cage Walk. A glorious stroll through the park with dozens of different birds and very needy squirrels.

Next up, the Westminster sites: Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the London eye, etc.

Then, I enjoyed a nice walk down the Thames Path and saw everything from the beginning of holiday markets, skate parks, carnivals, book sales, tug boats, street performers and more! I even stopped at Borough Market – but that deserves a post in and of itself.

After that lovely pit stop, I continued to the Tower of London, the London Bridge and the Tower Bridge.

Last stop on the tour was St. Pauls (happened upon Occupy London) and Millenium Bridge.

Overall it was a very successful and exhausting day in Londontown. It has been awhile since my feet have been that tired and sore! I feel as though I walked all over the city and conquered almost all of the touristy sites in one day. Phew! Sorry for the laziness, but the turkey is calling my name. Our program is off to Vienna for the weekend, so unfortunately you will all have to wait to hear about the rest of my trip. Off to stuff my face, quite literally.

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