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There are dozens of us who love Arrested Development – literally dozens! With my hair up, glasses on, I have been re-watching the first three seasons in great anticipation of the upcoming Netflix release of the fourth and final season. Based on the frenzy that is happening worldwide, I can only imagine the powers that be at Fox are thinking, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

I AM A MONSTER! and have spent the past few weeks anxiously awaiting the release and scouring the internet for any sneak peaks, promos, etc. For those of you who have been eating vodka rocks (and a piece of toast) for breakfast in anticipation, I have a better solution. Enjoy the following round-up of tricks – er illusions – leading up to May 26.

There are still five whole days until the season starts streaming and you can celebrate accordingly this weekend. And once that’s over, you can resume your post-Arrested Development depression all over again.


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