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I have something to admit and it’s going to require me to get super vulnerable and pour out all of my feelings on the internet: I am in love.

Since meeting you, my fear of commitment has subsided and I look forward to running into you randomly or seeing you each weekend. Whether it’s just us together or even when we’re hanging out in a big group, I know you’re always there for me. We are so comfortable around each other that you can tell what I’m thinking and provide for me in ways I never knew I needed. You are as sweet as can be, but I even love you when you’re salty or bitter. You, Bang Bang Pie Shop are my one true love.


Bang Bang and I have been running in the same circles for awhile now, but had never officially met. Finally, fate lead us to one another April 20, 2013 and we instantly had a connection. A little rough around the edges, but still looking dapper, Bang Bang Pie is just my type.


Ever since our first meeting, Bang Bang and I have been going steady and our favorite time together is Sunday mornings out on the back porch enjoying one another’s company over a biscuit, slice of pie and iced coffee. I mean, how much more romantic can you get? Bang Bang is such a softie, not to mention an amazing cook.


I won’t carry on too much and save you the mushy-gushy but I have never been happier and can’t wait until the next Sunday I get to spend with Bang Bang. Sigh…



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