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I currently have four functioning e-mail addresses: Work, personal, college e-mail and the classic “first e-mail address ever!” complete with a ridiculous nick name and Yahoo! domain.

Between subscriptions, RSS feeds, automated e-mails and exchanges between family and friends, it can be exhausting. In the past month, I’ve unsubscribed from nearly 50 various e-newsletters, company promos and more just to stay sane. Instead, I’ve found a few simple ways to stay on top of the world’s happenings, without having a bogged down inbox.

The Lunch Read

The Lunch Read

Have you ever wanted a list of the week’s most interesting articles from The New York Times to Buzzfeed to local bloggers delivered directly to your inbox in a sharp, clean, digestible format? Well, now you can with a project called The Lunch Read (TLR).

Started by group of 20-somethings, the web’s most intriguing and informative content (and some just for fun) are hand-picked and sent to your inbox every Wednesday. Perfect for hump day lunch break entertainment. TLR is only on its second distribution week and still building buzz but it has a lot of potential and I have yet to be disappointed. If you subscribe and can’t wait until Wednesday, be sure to follow The Lunch Read on Twitter for real-time sharing of trending articles.

Shout out to Marissa Ellenby for the suggestion!

ebb & flow

ebb & flow’s “Weekend Wrap-Up”

If you can’t stomach another e-mail subscription, hop on over to my sister’s blog at ebb & flow for the Weekend Wrap Up every Sunday. Similar to TLR, Elissa takes the most interesting things on the web and delivers them in a finely wrapped present. A present full of the finest design projects, most beautiful home restorations and a plethora of DIY projects and recipes. It’s the perfect way to end a weekend and begin another work week.


we think alone

We Think Alone

We Think Alone is a fascinating project by Miranda July that takes e-mails directly from the inbox of influential people (Lena Dunham, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kristen Dunst, to name a few) and delivers them straight to your inbox weekly.

Each week, Miranda asks for an e-mail on a specific topic (ex: mom, business, Barack Obama), ultimately forming a “self-portrait” of each individual at the end of the project. In the words of Miranda, “for better or worse, it’s changed the way I see all of them.”

In my opinion, a must-subscribe.

Any other inbox must-haves I’m missing or inspirational weekly round-ups? Send ‘em my way!

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    Michele Kory
    August 8, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    Thanks for The Lunch Read shout out, Jillian. I love your site!

    Will be visiting again soon 🙂

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    Somebody - Jillian Braun -
    August 28, 2014 at 11:59 am

    […] what my e-mail read today from Miranda July who I’ve talked about before for her brilliance. Somebody, is a new messaging app available for free download in the iTunes […]

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