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It has been unusually quiet around these parts lately because this lady just spent a week with her family on Washington Island, Wisc. While this island is unknown to many, it is dearly loved by those who live there and visit. Twenty three square miles of no cell service, limited internet and no television (okay, so that last one is a Braun house rule), it is the perfect place to get away. While enjoying my time unplugged, I really tuned in to the beauty of the island and soaked in the break from a hectic city life.

blue island final

The rules of the island are as follows:

  • Eat when you’re hungry
  • Sleep when you’re tired
  • If you leave the house, leave a note on the kitchen table.

That’s it. Simple living. Surprisingly, even with 20+ people wandering in and out of 3+ homes, we all manage to spend time together, meet at the beach and gather around the dinner table and bonfire each night.

brown islandUncharacteristic chilly days took over the first half of the week but rewarded us with four straight nights of clear skies and meteor showers. I will never forget the looks on the faces of all my cousins and nephews as they saw their first shooting stars.

green island

Mornings consisted of biking and kayaking while afternoons were spent reading and swimming at the beach and evenings were filled with simultaneous card and board games. Everyday, a perfect agenda. Of course, throw in some visits to the Nature Center, fishing trips, golf outings and shopping for the complete island experience.

peeps and pups

While the island is a relaxing escape, it really is the people that make the place. Spending every waking hour with your family will teach you a lot about yourself and those you love the most. All in all, another successful trip. Until next year.

Source: jillianbraun on Instagram

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    September 8, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    Love your photos from the Island week and your comments too! So cute that my Ry and Coachie made the spread! See you soon xoxox

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