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My little vacation last week allowed me to discover and rediscover many things including the wonderful invention of panorama photos. I’ve never before felt an urge to use the panorama function on my phone until this crazy storm cloud (first spotted by my cousin, Emma) rolled over the lakefront of our cabin. I was able to snatch the first picture below just in time as the sky opened up shortly after.


After this light bulb moment, I started playing around with the panorama all week. We must have been at the perfect location because in each picture the hues and tones changed dramatically from the left to the right, not something always easily captured in a 3×5.


It’s safe to say I’ll be utilizing this tool much more in the next few months. Wrigley Field looks might pretty in panorama form, if I do say so myself. Any other iPhone photo tips and tricks to share out there? Leave some comments or share your photos below.


Source: my iPhone

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