Get Movin’

In quite possibly one of most genius ways to promote the 2014 Olympic Winter Games and physical exercise, Olympic Changes uploaded this now viral YouTube video of Russian patrons paying their metro fare in squats or lunges in lieu of money.

Would you pay for your commute with exercise?

If that’s not enough, check out this Contrex (France) commercial guaranteed to give you a laugh. What’s a gal got to do around Chicago to get some of these creative ads out here? The closest thing I saw today were Corner Bakery segways towing billboards down the sidewalk which, unfortunately for them, was more of an annoyance than creative to lunchtime walkers.

Source: Contrex, Olympic Change

5 Responses to Get Movin’
  1. ETQB Reply

    A few squats for anything free….you bet!!
    What do you get for some jacks or crunches??? Sign me up!

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  3. [...] • I’m getting excited for the Olympics and love this campaign. [...]...
  4. BlueCollarWhiteCity Reply

    I would totally do that. The only problem would be the days that would not work out so well would be the days that I decided to wear a pencil skirt.

    Would you/could you do a classic Van Damme split for a lifetime of free public transportation?

    • jillianbraun Reply

      That’s why every day should be a jean day, naturally.

      I would do just about anything for free public transportation for a lifetime – although what I can physically do is another story. No splits for this gal.

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