20 Things in 2013

There’s something about snowy winters and hot chocolate that will make you finally take the time to reflect on everything that has happened the past year. So, while nestled up to the Christmas tree in this handy nook, here are my top twenty things I learned or did in 2013, as told by social media:

  1. Shot my first gun. Even the big scary ones.
  2. Went to my first (that I can remember) Chicago Blackhawks, Bulls and Bears games.
  3. Finished my first half marathon and second 200 mile Ragnar Relay.
  4. Traveled to London, Barcelona and Venice on a Eurotrip with friends.
  5. Rocked out to more concerts than ever before (Of Monsters and Men, Fitz & the Tantrums, Mike Golden & Friends, Little Green Cars, Capital Cities and Fitz – again!)
  6. Joined Second City and performed two improv shows on the big stage.
  7. Succeeded.
  8. Failed.
  9. Took fashion risks (even before Miley Cyrus).
  10. Dyed my hair for the first time.
  11. Binge watched all five seasons of Breaking Bad
  12. Tried new things like watching storytelling or eating sardines and rabbit hot dogs.
  13. Had a fair share of celebrity encounters with Sophia Bush, Michael Shannon, Tracey Wigfield, Mindy Kaling, Honey Boo Boo and my girl Lena Dunham.
  14. I “adopted” a soldier overseas and sent him letters and supplies until he returned home.
  15. Was taken advantage of by friends. Twice. (Okay fine, I was a willing participant.)
  16. Slept in a gigantic fort with my sister and my nephew.
  17. Went paintballing and earned some welts and bruises.
  18. Learned important life lessons: Panthers aren’t real. Lorde. Tuckpointing. Echidnas.
  19. Read some really great books.
  20. Wrote several letters to my nearest and dearests.

So here’s to happy holidays with family and a year ahead with several adventures and many more “firsts.” Let’s do this 2014.

6 Responses to 20 Things in 2013
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  3. Amanda Reply

    I Enjoyed ReadingThis =)

    • jillianbraun Reply

      Is it because I talked about guns?

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