When Anthropologie has a sale, buy everything

Catch All

…. Unless you’re a 23-year-old living in the big city and happen to be on a budget. Oops.

image (3)Either way, it’s done. These lovely items are purchased – and I have used each thing in the last 24 hours so take THAT budget! I’ve also been coveting that Q&A A Day book that my cousin has for the past year… until now, that is.

Generally I try to avoid Anthropologie, mostly because I just walk around envious of all these things I can’t afford. It feels like going to a Sam’s Club on a Saturday and not trying any samples. Pure torture. Plus, it’s hard to justify spending $36 on porcelain hedgehog measuring cups. But when you get them for $13, but you better believe they’re on display in my kitchen and ready for use.

And let’s be honest, who can avoid any sale that is 50% off home goods? Not this lady.


Source: jillianbraun on Instagram

Pictured: Q&A A Day, Butter dish, Egg crate, Pattern box and Royal Apothic Eau De Parfum

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