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Oh man. I really left you guys hanging there. I swear there are (some) good reasons. If I could sum up life lately in one photo it would look something like this:


What’s that? That’s called the Death Waltz. It’s a parody composition by John Stump that is supposed to be impossible to play and includes score notes like, “move cattle downstage,” “balance your chair on two legs,” and “bow real fast – slippage may occur,” – and that’s just on the first page. If you want to hear what it should sound like, here’s a synthesized version which is insane, even for a computer. In sum, things have been nuts. Here’s a list of excuses on why I’ve been so horrible lately:

  • I gave up blogging for lent (this is a lie).
  • I am working seventeen jobs (again, a lie. But I did start a new job!).
  • Our apartment is covered in a black mold and unlivable (half true, but we are looking for a new abode).
  • I got hilarious and scored a spot on a traveling improv troupe (nope, but I did start acting class and the training center at iO after graduating Second City).
  • I became a nomad and have limited internet access (also half true, I took a trip to Puerto Rico and summer trips around the Midwest have started)

Source: Socks-Studio 

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