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After an unexpected turn of events and series of happy accidents, this lady and I have found a new home! Of course, it is still located in Bucktown (the best town, I say) which offers the perfect blend of modern and historic homes, independent coffee shops and Starbucks and cityscapes and wide open park space. The new digs are a serious upgrade – including hardwood floors, ceiling fans, an office, a porch (!!!), dining room and a pantry.

sliding barn door

Alex put it the best when she said, “I’m excited for everything to have a place.” Our last apartment was, as a potential tenant put it, “super indie, organized chaos,” which is great and all but I think we’re both ready for simple, clean and clutter-free.

There are two problems with a bigger, better space: 1. We have three new rooms/spaces we didn’t have before that need to be decorated and 2. The nicer your place, the more obligated you feel to make it look, well, nice. We’re workin’ on a budget here but I’ve narrowed down a few choice IKEA picks that I think will spruce up the space and have landed on my wish list:

Now the last challenge is how to make our space modern without just stealing all of ebb&flow‘s ideas. That girl has some serious taste. 

Source: KVTES

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    June 6, 2014 at 7:51 pm

    fake it til ya make it girl. that’s my motto. everything i own is from homegoods or ikea. so fetch. can’t wait to see the new digs!!

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