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Last week, I was brainwashed by the teenager that lives in my head and says things like, “Taylor Swift’s new album is great!” and “You should definitely go to that YouTuber’s book signing on a Friday night!” She’s pretty good at getting what she wants (peer pressure is her specialty), so I found myself in a line of 300 crying tweens and Tyler Oakley lookalikes at Anderson’s Bookshop downtown Naperville waiting to meet Grace Helbig.

To justify my actions of flying solo to the Grace’s Guide, The Art of Pretending to be a Grown-Up signing and buying not one but two copies of the book (curse your fine print, Anderson’s!) a few things had to go down:

  1. Get the book signed. This one is pretty straight forward.
  2. The picture has to be worth a minimum of 1,000 words.
  3. Play it cool.

I think I nailed it with the first two. Earlier in the week my sister had sent me this gem of a photo of Elijah Wood and a fan and I figured why not reenact that with Grace? That’s totally normal… right? “What-EVER! Just do it!” said my Teenage Brainwasher. So, I did.


Yup, that happened. You might be able to tell by the deep dark red hue of my face that I failed at the “keep cool” portion of my justifications but we’re just going to go with it. Improvise. Teenage Brainwasher was pleased, “You just got so many Instagram/Twitter followers!!!!”

The moral of the story here I think is clear: Always do what you want because you deserve it and go check out Grace’s Guide. I know I am thoroughly enjoying it – or maybe that’s the Brainwasher, who’s to tell.

I don’t know. 

Source: Man Repeller, Grace’sGuidebook.com, jillianbraun on Instagram

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