2014 Challenge: January – Aerial Fitness

2014 Challenge

Way back when, Dec. 31, 2013 to be exact, I made a news years resolution to test out an activity each month for the year 2014. Per usual, there were a few stipulations:

  1. The activity/experience had to be brand new to me.

  2. No repeats.

  3. The activity had to be physical – testing a new food or seeing a new art gallery doesn’t count.

So, January rolled around and I decided to give a go at aerial aerobics, a Cirque du Soleil-esque ribbon situation that had me both terrified and excited. Lucky for me, an Air Fit studio opened up near my office and they were giving away free classes to celebrate their new space. Point 1 for Jillian!

Alex, Colleen and I went and it was, in the words of Tony the Tiger, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! The class was upbeat and seriously kicked my butt. I can’t decide if I got a better workout from doing insane sets or from laughing at seeing my friends dangling from a cloth from the ceiling. I was challenged and entertained and was sore for a solid three days afterwards. Had it not been for the price tag and the 11 months ahead of activities, I could have been easily convinced to become a member. I’ll just keep this video as a reminder of the ridiculousness that was my first aerial fitness class.


Stay tuned for the other activities as I’ll be posting them the coming weeks!

To Do: Stay after class and get some one-on-one tips. Our teacher had us doing crazy twists and tangles we didn’t cover in the class.

To Avoid: This class isn’t for everyone. This boot camp plus arm strength plus barre exercises plus yoga. Unless you’ve got the stamina of a marathon runner, it may be difficult to do more than 1-2 classes a week, so take a class before committing to a membership.

Price: Classes are $30 each or there are several packages available

More info: http://www.airfitnow.com/

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