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… And we’re back for the 2014 Challenge round-up. Although this month, I’m cheating a little bit. April was a huge month for me, including getting a new job, a new apartment, new improv adventures – new everything. In all this new-ness, I didn’t participate in any new activities or classes. But have no fear! I doubled up in March and took guitar lessons through a partnership between the Old Town School of Folk Music and Second City.


The four-week Basic Guitar Course for Improvisers class was just that, basic. But, it is exactly what I needed. The course went over different chords, how to tune your guitar, how to practice (important!) and other essentials. I’ve even added a few more songs to my repertoire so “Louie Louie” isn’t so lonely anymore. Overall a great beginners class but left me wanting more. Maybe when my schedule frees up (will it ever?) it will be time to get back to it!

To Do: The course is only offered every once in awhile. Visit the Second City catalog to put your name on the waiting list, or head over to Old Town School of Folk Music for additional classes. Also, invest in some new strings and guitar picks, it will help immensely.

To Avoid: This one might be obvious, but don’t miss a class! There are only four classes so missing one is a sure-fire way to feel left behind. Wait until you can attend all of the sessions before signing up for the class.

Price: $80

Website: www.secondcity.com/training/chicago/coursecatalog/476/ 

Source: jillianbraun on Instagram

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