2014 Challenge: May – Tough Mudder

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We’re chugging right along with the 2014 Challenge! (Note to self: Next year post these in real time, lesson learned.)

May came with a lot of new challenges, but the most physically challenging was definitely the Tough Mudder. My cousins, brother and I geared up and decided to run eleven miles of grueling, torturous (but fun!) hell. On top of that, dozens of obstacles stood in our way,  including jumping into a pit of freezing water, climbing “Mount Everest,” and after getting soaking wet and covered in mud, running through a field of live wires. And yes, this was my idea.

tough mudder collage

I was very grateful to have these guys by my side as almost half the obstacles you can’t physically accomplish by yourself so it’s good to have some muscles on your team! My proudest parts of the race were managing to make it across the Funky Monkey obstacle and carrying a 250 lb man on my back for 50 yards. You don’t know what you can do until you try, apparently.

To Do: It sounds stupid and it feels weird, but duct tape your shoelaces and then duct tape your shoes to your ankles otherwise say goodbye to your favorite sneakers as they get lost in a) a pile of mud b) a 12-ft deep muddy river c) an ice bath d) anywhere but your feet. Also, register in advance to save some $$.

To Avoid: Avoid not training. In other words, train, train, train. Don’t be like me.

Price: $79-$149/person

Website: www.toughmudder.com 

Source: my own 

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