2014 Challenge: June – Bike to Work

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June was another physical endeavor in the year of the 2014 Challenge. With a new job and new apartment under my belt, I decided to check out a new mode of transportation – bicycle. I dusted the cobwebs off my grandma’s old Schwinn, had the “bike doctor” come over and fix up the tires, somehow managed to fit her in the back of my little Toyota Corolla and transferred the red beauty back to the city.

bike to work

My goal was to ride my bike to work every day for a month but rainy days and sweltering heat are REAL, you guys. So, I opted for 30 work days over the course of six-ish weeks. Super scientific. But, I did it! Perks also include working right next to the wondrous Lake Michigan as pictured above.

To Do: Invest in a solid method of carrying your clothes, locks, belongings, etc. I have a U-Lock carrier on my bike which takes weight off my back and have a biking-specific backpack ready to go at any time containing my quick tools, spare lights and helmet. Speaking of clothes, it’s good to have an extra outfit in your pack – I’ve hit one too many mud puddles and learned my lesson.

To Avoid: Aside from the obvious – cars, puddles, oncoming traffic…. Be smart and know the rules of the road. The car always wins. Be defensive, not aggressive.

Price: Assuming you already have a bike, lock and helmet – Free!

Website: Check out Time Out Chicago’s list of best bike shops in the city. BFF Bikes kindly supplied me with lots of advice, a new helmet and helped me adjust my seat and gears to match my preferences.

 Source: jillianbraun on Instagram 

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