2014 Challenge: July – Lollapalooza

2014 Challenge Music

It happened. I finally caved. I spent a silly amount of money and headed to Lollapalooza, my first multi-day music festival here in the heart of Chicago. Chalk that up as July’s activity in the 2014 Challenge. Day 1, I ventured via red line to Grant Park with my sweet “baby” cousin and her friends, Day 2 hung out with my improv friends and Day 3 sold my ticket and opted for a sail on Lake Michigan. This girl knows her limits.

The best part of Lolla was not only seeing more than a dozen bands I might not ever see perform live, but coming to discover and love bands you never knew existed. Enter, Lucius.  I could have cried listening to these two look-alikes harmonizing. It was seriously bone-chillingly amazing. Actual icicles were forming on my marrow-filled bones despite the 90 degree heat, they were that good. 

The other end of the scale, of course, is stopping to see the “must-see” bands. The ones that whether or not you like the band, you know every single one of their songs from that lovely thing called the radio that shoves “Top 40” in your face and walks away with a smirk. Enter, Iggy Azalea, Lorde, Eminem, and Outkast. (Although to be fair to the radio stations, I wanted to see all of these.)

Over the course of two days I saw Lucius, Iggy Azalea, Lorde, The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, Enimem, Vance Joy, Kate Nash, The Temper Trap, Fitz & The Tantrums, Manchester Orchestra, Foster the People, The Head and the Heart and Outkast. A pretty successful first-time if I do say so myself!

To Do: Bring an empty water bottle and stay hydrated! That heat is no joke. Between hiking your pretty behind from one end of Grant Park to the next, jumping up and down like an idiot and melting in the hot sun, you’re going to sweat like a maniac. Bring a water bottle and take advantage of the free water stations.

To Avoid: I thought I looked so cute in my overall shorts (yes, those exist) until I had to venture to a porta potty. Dress wisely, friends.

Price: 3 day ticket – $250, 1 day ticket – $100.

Website: www.lollapalooza.com/

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