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“Something I’ll say about the ‘too far’ thing – the #toofar thing – is that I think, what we’re currently forgetting in America is humor is a tool for debate and humor is a tool for expression. And when people say things that offend you, you have the power to turn off your television.  You have the power to not buy that book. That sort of ‘boycott, censorship, shut ’em down’ approach to humor shows a very basic lack of understanding about what humor can do for us culturally and what it has always done.” – Lena Dunham 

If you happen to have an hour and a half to spare and love Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham, Jenji Kohan, Kristen Wiig and New York TV Critic Emily Nussbaum (as I do), then I highly suggest watching this video from Sundance this past weekend. What I would do to pick the brains of these fabulous, smart, witty, cunning, ladies…


Source: Sundance Film Festival on YouTube

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