2014 Challenge: August – Acting Class, September – Rock Climbing

2014 Challenge

Alright, guys. We’re two months into 2015 so I am going to rapid-fire review the rest of the 2014 Challenge this week. We’re moving on!

acting studio

August – Acting Class

As a part of my improvisational coursework and pre-requisite for The Second City’s Conservatory program, I took an acting class downtown. The 8-week course took place at The Acting Studio, which I highly recommend. We explored several different plays, deconstructed scenes and learned all about “the biz.” It helped me experience a wide-range of emotions (which I am no good at) and be more comfortable not always being funny.

To do: Take notes. I don’t mean on a pen and paper, although that works, too. Listen to your teacher and take their notes seriously and then give it a try. If you feel stupid, you’re probably doing it right.

To avoid: This is a serious acting school. If you’re looking for a “just for fun” class, I’d start somewhere else.

Price: $375

Website: www.actingstudiochicago.com

rock climbing

September – Rock Climbing Certification

This summer I played in a beach volleyball league through Chicago Sport and Social Club and it was great. So, when the e-mails rolled around for the next round of intramurals I decided to sign up for rock climbing with the roommate. The six-week class schedule perfectly fit in to our pre-existing hectic schedules so we went for it! Fitness Formula hosted the classes and the teachers were amazing and hilarious and extremely helpful. After the first week we were able to get certified so we could belay and climb on our own, which was helpful to utilize the free gym space during your program. The course was physically and mentally challenging and the perfect thing to get your blood flowing after a long day at work. Highly recommend!

To do: Bring/make a buddy. You can utilize extra gym time, come in for extra classes, stay late, etc. but you need a partner to belay if you are using the ropes. Find a buddy or sign up with a friend to make this easier on yourself.

To avoid: My hands were the sweatiest sweat monsters and no amount of chalk could help. Avoid applying lotion/moisturizer on the days you’re climbing to avoid falls.

Price: $175

Website: www.ffc.com


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