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Awwwwwh yeah. The time has come! If you read this here blog or know me whatsoever, you’re probably quite aware of my obsession with awards season, especially the Oscars. I’ve been avidly watching the best picture nominees and am three shy of completing said goal (weekend plans: Grand Budapest Hotel, American Sniper, Whiplash). In the meantime I’ve been visiting local theaters and managing the occasional double-feature in order to prep for this weekend.

To avoid leaking any spoilers or bogging you down with my personal reviews (for now), I bring you the best breakdown of best picture nominees from Vulture in the form of pie charts. I can’t tell you how many times I chortled/snorted/chuckled/insert synonym here at these colorful witty images, especially when Jesse David Fox compared Selma to a vivid depiction of a Gilmore Girls scene. I included my two favorites, below, but head over to Vulture to see the rest and whether or not you agree.



Source: Vulture 

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