The Divergent Series: Insurgent


Thanks to Lionsgate, I was given tickets to The Divergent Series: Insurgent Chicago screening the other day. By now we’ve established that while I may be well into adulthood, there is still a teenager living inside my brain who enjoys things marketed to tweens and teens. I have no shame. And yes, this means I read the books.

However, as much as I did enjoy reading the books, I think the movie fell short. It was equal parts over-the-top, cheesy and entertaining. Here are the best and worst parts of the second installation of The Divergent Series. Warning: Spoilers lie ahead! 


1. What? There were some weird parts in this movie that didn’t seem to flow or had the audience audibly say, “what?” For example, when you find out Evelyn Johnson is Tobias/Four’s mother and they look the same age, when Evelyn is on the same bed watching Four and Tris sleeping, or when Caleb was just standing there with dozens of trained gunmen shooting at him and he was fine. Super casual.

2. Big Budget.  The film had a $110 million production budget, and you can tell – not necessarily in a good way. The special effects were great, but it was so fantastical that I had a hard time relating to just about anything throughout the film. There were also so many dream sequences and simulations it was hard to keep track of what was reality.

3. Candor and Amity. This film gave us a longer look into the different factions including Amity and Candor. I will say, the Amity greenhouse/set was very close to what I pictured while reading the book. Additionally, we got a sneak peek into Candor which was not what I pictured but I was quite envious of their clothing.

4. Four. 

5. I’ve seen it before. There are only so many ways to film things, but Trish turning herself in to Jeanine was quite reminiscent of Harry Potter walking to meet Voldemort. And the themes from The Divergent Series are quite similar to that of The Hunger Games Series. It was all fine and good but felt as though I had seen it before.


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