2015 Challenge

2015 Challenge

Last year was full of adventures from ziplining to trapeze, all a part of my 2014 Challenge to try a new activity each month. As the ball dropped into 2015, I vouched to try and visit all of the cultural institutions in Chicago*. (Full disclosure, since I am employed at one of said places, I do get into all of them for free – the ultimate job perk.)

I enlisted the help of my nephews to get me started. In the last two week’s we’ve visited Shedd AquariumField MuseumPeggy Notebaert Nature Museum and Lincoln Park Zoo. Four down, nine to go.

field museum

Field Museum: E (above) had a blast and called all of the skeletons either a) Mr. Bones or b) dragons. Baby steps. We learned all about animals from past and present and how terrified a 3-year-old can be from spiral staircases that lead to mummies.

shedd aquarium

Shedd Aquarium: All day E kept asking if we could see the “fishies” so we hopped over to Shedd for an aquatic adventure. We learned there are few things cuter than E saying “beluga whale” over and over again.

lincoln park zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo: A favorite in our books (100% biased). B wanted to see the macaques after we saw a screening of Disney Nature’s Monkey Kingdom last week. E loved the rhinos. We learned Aunt Jillian is always right when she says to bring a jacket and that little boys can also get “hangry.”

Nature museum

Nature Museum: Butterflies! Both boys loved the butterfly house and we stayed in there for far too long. We learned Green City Market being there at the same time will give you panic attacks and B will chicken out of petting a snake while E will ask several times if he can just hold the thing already.

*The list includes: Adler Planetarium, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Botanic Garden, Chicago Children’s Museum, Brookfield Zoo, Chicago History Museum, DuSable Museum, Field Museum, Lincoln Park Zoo, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Science and Industry, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum and Shedd Aquarium. Whew, I’m exhausted already.

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