Abandon Ship!

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The past month has been an absolute whirlwind and arguably, the most stressful month of my life. After what I will very kindly call a misunderstanding, my roommate and I had to, in the words of Woz, “abandon ‘effing’ ship” at our last apartment. After studio searching, apartment seeking and house hunting, I have finally moved into a new apartment. I won’t stretch and say I’m settled yet, as there are boxes strewn everywhere and the only piece of furniture that made the cut so far is my bed. Baby steps!


That right there is what my room looks like. Except for less picturesque and more… anxiety-inducing. Again, BABY STEPS, PEOPLE. To distract myself from said panic attacks, I’ve been day dreaming about a(n eventual) home to call my own with an open floor plan, bright tall white walls and lots of animal decorations (but of course). Here are some ideas that are top of mind. Now about that house…

mash 2

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