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I’ve left you hanging for two months… My bad. The summer months had my traveling all around catching up with friends and family which is all fantastic but leaves little time for the blogosphere (how do you all do it!?). Lately, now that life has settled and the temperatures are dropping, I’m dipping into a more manageable schedule. Which, quite frankly, is driving me insane.

For the first time in months, I don’t have any trips planned, no apartment projects to finish, no web series episodes to write, no pet projects to execute and I am feeling a) lost b) uninspired, hence my lack of posting around these parts. The most exciting thing to happen lately is I snatched the hosting responsibilities for our end of summer Harry Potter themed book club but even the joy of HP can only take you so far. So as I Google volunteer opportunities and think of house projects and creative ways to spend this energy here’s a photo recap of the last few months.



That is sailing with my family on Lake Michigan, visiting Washington Island in Wisconsin, taking my kayak on her maiden voyage on the Fox River and not pictured: hanging out in California and going to VidCon. 

More of that here: 

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