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Last week I hosted book club which is generally once a month and un-themed. However! Our club took our normal summer hiatus as scheduling during that time is tough. So, what do a dozen 20-somethings do? Say “read whatever you want for 3 months and also as many Harry Potter books as possible and we’ll have a themed HP book club in September,” that’s what!

In my search for crafts and ideas (more on that later), I found these posters from Caroline Hadilaksono and became obsessed. They may or may not still be hanging in our hallway and may or may not remain there until the end of our days (or until our lease is up). Enjoy.

Caroline-Hadilaksono-Hogwarts-Travel-Poster Caroline-Hadilaksono-Hogwarts-Travel-Poster2 Caroline-Hadilaksono-Hogwarts-Travel-Poster3

Source: Caroline Hadilaksono 

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