Thanks to a wine-heavy book club and a subscription to Audible, I have become oddly addicted to audiobooks. While I do not miss the 1.75 hour commute from the suburbs to downtown or the 30 minute el ride from the west side, I do miss the daily time dedicated to sitting down with a good read. Enter, audiobooks.

While my commute now is too short to listen to more than a chapter of a book (no complaints here!) I now listen to audiobooks throughout my morning routine. Breakfast? Audiobook. Applying makeup? Audiobook. Packing my bag? Audiobook. An added benefit to this morning tradition is I now typically tend to keep e-mail, social media and most phone use (aside from Audible) until once I’m at work. Win-win.

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Stealing from my sister, because that is what siblings do, here are one (or more…) sentence critiques of the latest devoured books.

  • Boys in the Boat –  Slow to start but loved it all the way through. Also, narrated by Ed Hermann, rest in peace.
  • Paper Towns  – Wanted to read before the movie and was so uninterested I never made it to the movie.
  • Girl on the Train – Not my favorite. Didn’t think the “twist” was that unexpected.
  • Gone Girl  – Incredibly well written but I hated all of the characters and found myself uninterested in any of their fates.
  • The Martian – Phenomenal. Even if you read the book I suggest a second pass with this narrator.
  • Brooklyn – Zzzzzzz. End.

Up next: Modern Romance, We are all Completely Beside Ourselves and The Nightingale and ticking some boxes on the 2016 PopSugar reading challenge

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    February 19, 2016 at 8:46 am

    Oh YOOOO the reading challenge! What did you decide to do for it? Modern Romance was good. BYE!!!!!! <3

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