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I’ve taken a new approach to communication which includes not apologizing. Of course, there are exceptions. Did I mess up? I’m sorry. Was it an accident? I’m sorry. Was it my fault? I’m sorry. Other than that, I’ve eliminated “sorry” from my vocabulary. Not wearing makeup? No apologies here, I didn’t have the time. Both walking into the door at the same time? No “oops, sorry!” but instead, “didn’t see you there,” and an opening of the door. Late to meeting up with friends? “Thanks for being patient.” Putting my needs first? “Bummed I can’t go to [insert activity here.]” I saw this cartoon a few months back and it resonated. If that’s not convincing enough, there’s an entire section on Huffington Post dedicated to the word’s negative effects on self worth.


In other words, thank you for your patience. It’s been a few whirlwind months around here. First, this blog got hacked rendering it unusable, then time slipped away, life got in the way and I took some time to focus on me. And that is okay.

Source:  The Shiny Squirrel on Tumblr



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