Happy Birthday, National Geographic!

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On this day in 1888, the first issue of National Geographic Magazine was released at newsstands. 1888! NatGeo keeps popping up this week, from the celebration of its publication, to securing a regular blog channel on behalf work, to Instagram follows galore (seriously… here, here and here). But the one thing I consistently come back to are the photo submissions and contests. You often times hear people say, “the photo doesn’t do it justice.” If that is true of these photos, then I have a whole lot of world left to see.


That little cutie patootie fox is my background of my computer screen(s) right now because the best part of the National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contests are the downloads available. Tablet? Phone? Computer? One click and boom! An adorable fox skipping through the rain is at your finger tips. We’re on Week 8 and I’m already contemplating my next background. Perhaps my phone needs and update, too…

Source: National Geographic/Vladislav Kamenski

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