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Living in Chicago has provided me with some unimaginable once-in-a-lifetime experiences from the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup to meeting celebrities to being the first to see exhibit openings and behind-the-scenes of cultural institutions. But nothing quite matches the madness, excitement and anxiety of the Chicago Cubs IN. THE. WORLD. SERIES. Even as I type those words it still seems surreal. As hundreds of thousands to millions of people join me in my neighborhood tonight, wish me luck. This is even more exciting than the Braun family cameo in Rookie of the Year – and this time I might even remember it happening.

It seems every single building, apartment, house, business and otherwise is decorated with a giant “W” flag and it has been incredible to see the city transform over the past month into one giant Cubbie-blue loving community. Turns out Chicago ain’t afraid of no goats. Just take it from Faucethead who posted this illustration today:


Source: faucetheadcreative on Instagram

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