20 Things in 2016

The year is 2017. Which means, time for another 20 Things roundup (2015, 2014, 2013)! So here we are, 20 things that happened in 2016.

  1. Spent several days in New Orleans with my sister, eating delicious food, taking solo trips to parks and ran into several improv goons along the way. Made an appearance at Jazz Fest and saw Elvis Costello and Flo Rida which was the hilarious cherry on top.
  2. Took a life-changing backpacking trip to Africa and spent two weeks traveling with Kgosi.
  3. During said trip, I spent a day backpacking the city of London.
  4. THE CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES! All the celebrations took place right in my backyard.
  5. Choose Chicago graciously asked me to take over their Instagram account again for the week in a series titled “Taking Over Choose Chicago.”
  6. I read. And read. And read, conquering 20 books. Follow along on GoodReads!
  7. Became an adult who can cook from memory and has a repertoire of recipes ready to go.
  8. Took tango lessons in the park.
  9. Spent time relaxing and enjoying time with family on Washington Island.
  10. This year I got to meet three new incredible nuggets into my life, Layla Violet, Henderson Michael and Gemma August.
  11. Got back in touch with my musical side. It’s a work in progress.
  12. After five incredible roller coaster years together, Shoshanna Left Eye Bluth, my beloved hedgehog, passed away.
  13. My brother and I took this guy to his first concert, which of course was 311.
  14. I fell in love again with alternate transportation. Big Red and I went north to the beach, east to the harbor, west to my brother’s, south to the theater and everywhere in between.
  15. Spent much needed time on the water in my kayak, Boat.
  16. Went to Shreveport, Louisiana and visited Chimp Haven, a sanctuary for more than 200 chimpanzees and was introduced to the local grub.
  17. Learned how to brew beer with DryHop Brewers, downloaded Untappd and tried 134 distinct beers. Oops.
  18. Fostered a puppy who later was adopted and found his forever home. And borrowed Alex’s foster pup for an evening.
  19. Had some career “wins” with moderating a presser for an international conference alongside Jane Goodall (capturing this moment in the process) and announcing a capital campaign, polar bear exhibit and African penguin exhibit.
  20. Had the absolute honor and privilege to be a “bridesman,” yeah, you heard that right, in my two college best friends’ wedding.

Here’s to an even more rewarding 2017. Cheers!

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  1. ETQB Reply

    I know you are going to rock 2017!! Watch out world…

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