20 Things in 2017

Hello, 2018! You know what that means… Time for yet another 20 Things roundup (2016, 201520142013)!

  1. ADOPTED A PUPPY! He is a southern transport rescued through One Tail at a Time and fostered by my best friend.
  2. Albus fits right in and there is no shortage of photos, plus he has his own Instagram at @albusthepointer.
  3. Said dog gives us a run for our money
  4. Went to a drag show with the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race and Willam herself hopped off stage to come see me!
  5. Checked another state off with a (work) trip to New Mexico but found some time to explore on our own
  6. Couldn’t be in the southwest without a trip to see my family in Arizona, visited Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon with my aunt.
  7. I then went on to hike the Grand Canyon solo!
  8. Spent a lot of time bopping around the Midwest from Indiana to Minnesota.
  9. Our friends welcomed little Graham James and Clare into the world
  10. Started a new holiday tradition with my best friend of seeing Harry Potter movies performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  11. Spent a bit of time with Luigi the Hoffman’s sloth at Lincoln Park Zoo for our “Lettuce with Luigi” series.
  12. The zoo launched Penguin Encounters which I was able to test-drive with the nephews
  13. Got up to our usual shenanigans on Washington Island, Wisconsin, with the family
  14. Dusted off the cleats (okay fine, I purchased new ones) and joined a soccer team
  15. Kicked off our annual girls camping trip with the most ridiculous gear in tow
  16. Worked on a 60 Minutes piece which took years off my life  
  17. Continued by loving relationship with Big Red and took her all over the city.
  18. I did the worm. A lot.
  19. Saw Tears for Fears and Hall & Oates and it was such a stellar show
  20. I learned this important fact.

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