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The weather is (slowly) starting to turn and my tax refund has shimmied it’s way into my bank account which can only mean one thing – I’m outta here. Spring is a trigger to my brain that it is time to travel. It doesn’t help that tall girl keeps posting about Iceland and the roommate is living it up in Italy. I’m easing into the travels with a quick weekend trip to Minnesota and spending my flight fantasizing about upcoming adventures. Currently taking any and all suggestions!

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Red Rocks

I don’t think I could fully put into words my time spent in Arizona. Between spending time with family, boating on Suguaro Lake, walking along the Red Rocks, hiking the San Tan Mountains and snuggling with puppies of all sizes, it was the ideal getaway. Luckily, the weather followed me home and Chicago is experiencing some warmer temps. Let’s hope it keeps up. In the meantime, here is a quick photo recap or follow along on Instagram for the rest of the adventures.





Those blue skies are to die for. Until we meet again, Arizona. Hopefully this time there won’t be a 17 year wait.

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Between a Rock and a Hot Place

I’m changing up the normal phrase “between a rock and a hard place,” to “hot place” because this gal is off to Arizona to the surprisingly chilly (relative term) Sedona red rocks and then admiring the sunny skies of Tempe this week. The quick trip will be complete with family reunions, hiking, boating, hugs and lots of Instagrams. While the landscapes are great, the company will be even better as I see some of my relatives for the first time in over 15 years. And now I feel very old.


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2014 Challenge: March – Ziplining

In the last 2014 Challenge post, I hinted at March’s activity requiring a helmet, bug spray and a singular glove. That’s right, I flew to Puerto Rico with one of my improv troupes, Uncomfortable Alphabet and we drove up to El Yunque Rainforest for some sunset ziplining. We found a coupon online (discounts!) and made a group reservation (discounts!) with Campo Rico Ziplining.

ziplining 2

For starters, the views were absolutely stunning. With or without ziplines, I could have hiked in that rainforest for days. Once we connected with our Campo Rico Ziplining instructors (who were the nicest people I’ve ever met), we got our safety lessons, harnesses, gloves and were told to start climbing up, up, up to begin our journey. Over the next 3 or so hours we conquered seven ziplines, mastered seven canopy bridges, saw dozens of different species of animals and enjoyed sunset beers while swinging in hammocks. And let me tell you, speeding 200 ft above the rainforest is an adrenaline rush, to say the least.


While I still need (some) convincing before checking skydiving or bungee jumping off my list, this ziplining adventure did leave me feeling pretty darn invincible. I may have a bit of adrenaline junkie side afterall.

To Do: Check online for discounts and make a group reservation, if possible, to lower the price. Check the weather before making your reservation and definitely lather on the bug spray. While you’re under the treetops most of the time, the rainforest air is dense so bring a water bottle that can clip on to your belt for the hiking portion of your trek.

To Avoid: Don’t wait until the last minute to make your reservation. We ended up loving our sunset ziplining package, but we also wanted to explore the cave repelling and off-roading packages but they were all booked up by the time we called.

Price: Package prices vary, the above experience was $129/person, pre-discounts.


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