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By Marvin Berglas

Staple sure: forty pages writer: Marvin's Magic Language: English ASIN: B000BYJ2AY Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.8 x 0.7 inches

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When you take the drawer from the box, hold it by the sides to keep the secretly-wedged match in position. Command the matches to fall and release the pressure on the wedged match. All the matches fall from the box on your command. ★ ★ ★ 35 ★ Going By Tube Effect: A rolled magazine travels up and down a string. Secret: Roll a magazine into a tube and use paper clips to hold it. Double a piece of string and hook its centre on the bottom clip inside the tube. A second string is looped through the first as shown in the illustration.

Secret: With a soft black pencil draw a diagonal line down both sides of a pack of cards. When you show the trick, you remove the cards from the case and ask someone to take any card, remember it and return it anywhere in the pack. Pick up the pack and look at your pencil mark. At one point there will be a small back mark out of alignment with the rest of the line – that is the chosen card. Metal Bending Effect: A spoon is bent and then straightened again. Secret: Take the spoon in your left fist.

Attached to your right arm and hidden by your sleeve is a matchbox containing some matches. Shake a box with your left hand it sounds empty. When you mix up the three visible boxes you can make any one appear to be the full one, simply by shaking it with your right hand. The spectators think it contains matches because they hear the sound from the hidden box. Anti-Gravity Cards Effect: Several playing cards adhere to your hand, until you tell them to fall off. Secret: You need to make a special card.

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